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Indian History -Ancient India, Medieval India & Modern India -IAS(Prelims And mains)

As we all know "Indian History" is one of the most important sections asked in UPSC  exams & Other Competitive Exams. " Ancient History, Medieval History & Modern History" is one The most important Section asked in UPSC-civil services exams & State PCS Exams. Stay Updated For All The Subject which you should prepare to score good marks.

In this topic, we are cover "Indian History -Ancient India, Medieval India & Modern India  for prelims as well as mains, click on the link below to read any Topics 


Syllabus_ IAS(Prelims And mains)

Subject Name 

Topic Name

Indian Heritage and Culture Stone Age click Here
  The Harappan Civilization click Here
  Mauryan Period click Here

Mauryan Phase: The period of Shungas, Kanvas and Satavahanas

click Here
  Kushana Period click Here
  Gupta Dynasty click Here
  Temple Architecture Styles click Here
  Literature and Philosophy click Here
  Medieval Period click Here
  15-16th Century Regional Kingdoms click Here
  Mughal Period click Here
  Decline of Mughals and Rise of Provincial Kingdoms click Here
  Chronology - Indian History click Here
  Dance, Music, Paintings, Literature, Food, Fairs and Festivals click Here
(Ancient india/History)   click Here
  Prehistoric period click Here
  Indus Valley Civilization click Here
  Vedic Period click Here
  Empires and Kingdoms of Ancient India click Here
  Art forms (Dance, Music, Literature, architecture) click Here
  Religion/philosophy of Ancient India click Here
(Medieval India/History)
  Evolution of political structures: Rashtrakutas, Palas, Pratiharas, click Here
  Rajputs and Cholas click Here

Arab and Turkish Invasions: Mahmud of Ghazna; Shahab-ud-Din of Ghur

click Here
  Merchant guilds of South India click Here
  Bhakti, Tantrism, Puranic traditions; Buddhism and Jainism click Here
  Foreign travellers click Here
  Delhi sultanate click Here
  The Mughals click Here
  Vijaynagar Empire click Here
(Modern India//History)
  1.Marathas click Here
  2. European powers click Here
  3. Reform movements click Here
  4. 1857 Revolt click Here
  5. Freedom Struggle click Here
  6. Ghandhian Era click Here
  7.Extremist click Here
  9. Subash Chandra Bose click Here
  Indian National Movements 
click Here


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